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3 Steps To Become a Pro Blogger and Make Money from Blogging

Don't waste your time trying to Try To Reinvent The Wheel there are so many Pro Blogger did that already for you like Darren Rowse. The following steps are compiled by him. Believe me, I have used these steps to achieve my goal to make Steps To Become a website it is today. How do I make money blogging? This question is ubiquitous in blogging, but you can't find a straightaway answer the will give what you are looking for.  I have more than 5 years of blogging which I believe is a valuable experience and knowledge. 

Step 1: Methods for Making Money from Blogging

Step 2: Advertising

  • Advertising Optimization – A series of posts on how to optimise advertising on your blog including posts on Traffic, Ad Positioning, Ad Design, Ad Relevancy and High Paying Ads.
  • AdSense Tips for Bloggers an 8 part series of posts that walk bloggers new to Google’s AdSense (How To make R1000 Per Day With Google AdSense) through how to use it effectively to make money on their blogs.
  • How to Guarantee that You’ll Never Make More than 0.14 cents per month from AdSense – 10 points to help you earn more money from AdSense.
  • Positioning Your AdSense Ads – a 3 part series on how I literally doubled my AdSense earnings overnight by repositioning my ads
  • How Quickly After Starting a Blog Should I put Ads on it? – one of the most common questions I am asked

Step 3: Affiliate Programs

  • Monkey Bar Blogging– a post about getting into making money from blogs with balanced expectations
  • Principles of Choosing a Profitable Topic for Your Blog – key factors to consider before choosing a topic for your blog
  • Should I Blog for Money? – before you rush into monetising your blog – here is a post on whether you should at all
  • A Reality Check about Blogging for Money – before you start dreaming of Millions of Dollars in Your Bank Account…. Read this

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