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7 Steps To Beome a Dog Grooming Business


Starting a Dog Grooming Business – Sample Business Plan Template

Step 1. You must have passion for dogs
For you to have the patience to handle animals such as dog, an underlying love for dogs must be inside of you. Animals have the ability to sense when a person is tensed and they tend to react according.
Step 2. Learn the art of grooming dog
There are accredited pet grooming institutes that offer dog grooming courses. You can go there to acquire a special pet grooming knowledge. The courses are based on your state and will require about 300 hours of your time in the classroom.
Step 3. Choose the location that you will work from
You can start small with an outdoor set up for neighborhood pets. You can also work out of your home, or better still, rent a booth at a grooming open shop or salon. Your best bet may be to start off in a small way, then get a couple of clients and work out of your house (or move from client to client).
Acquire the feel for being a dog groomer on your own. Working in a small way will give you a taste of your future. This is a stage where you will realize weather the career is for you or not.
Step 4. Make your location comfortable
When you have decided to start taking clients (either in your home or shop), try and make the setting comfortable. You should make sure the area is well lit, welcoming and good for the dogs. There should be little distraction for the dogs but not a lot of noise or people’s traffic.
Step 5. Advertise your business-: It is very crucial to advertise your business to the public so that you can create awareness to them over your business. You can start locally by word of mouth, daily newspapers, ads at pet shops and Craigslist.
Step 6. Offer multiple services-: Offering multiple services will make people happy and they will be returning for more. A wide range of services will greatly increase the range of the market.
Step 7. Start with a low price
Your pricing should be low at first. People will like to pay for experience. Do not expect to charge top fees without experience. Discover what your competitors are charging and price your own services accordingly.
In conclusion, dog grooming business might be the best choice for anyone that love dogs, possess dog handling skills and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Many people love their pets so much and they are willing to pay high prices to keep them happy. You can cash in on this ever-growing market of dog grooming and make some cool cash.

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