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9 Steps To Become a Smog Check Company

Smog is one of the main causes of air pollution and is very harmful to humans as well as plants. And research has shown that it is even dangerous to textiles, rubbers and dyed fibers. It reduces their strength and quality. Many cities around the world are battling to keep the emission of smog from cars in check. Some states like California are even deliberately reducing the rate of issuing certificates to car manufacturers and car body workshops.
So, anyone who wants to go into the business of smog check has opportunity to make huge profit, but there are guidelines that must be followed to make success of it. Just like the saying that says ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, as well as that which says that one must not put the cart before the horse’, it then becomes really important to follow the necessary guidelines that are able to help pull things off.
Now, let us quickly consider the steps to follow to be able to start your own smog check business and then build.

Starting a Smog Check Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Your Background Work
If you are already a player in the automotive industry, you may already understand the problem and some things you need to know in order to start the business. But if not, you need to do your due diligence to get the necessary information that will help your take concrete decisions.
Are there existing smog check workshops where you intend to set up? If yes, how many cars or vehicles do they get to check weekly or monthly? What government policies are available to regulate the business? Is there enough support from the government? What is the capital outlay to start the business? You must do your feasibility study to get all the burning questions answered as soon as possible.
2. Draw a Plan for the Smog Check Business
Having a business plan ab-initio is critical to the success or otherwise of the business. The plan must spell out in detail every aspect of the business, especially the financials. This is important for the purpose of raising capital in case you have to. Writing a business plan can sometimes be technical so you should work with a consultant who can walk you through the process.
3. Seek Investment
After coming up with the plan, the next thing to do is to raise capital. A project like this definitely requires huge capital which you may not be able to bankroll on your own, then you must seek for investors and present your plan to them. They may be friends, families, angel or equity investors or even your banker(s).
4. Register Your Smog Check Business
Operating a business without registering it with necessary governmental authorities is a punishable offense in many countries. So, you just register the business with necessary authorities and agencies within your city to obtain required licenses that will allow you operate legally. It could be with the chamber of commerce in your country or the appropriate authority as it applies in your location.
5. Obtain Construction Permit
Not only are you to obtain license to operate, you also need to contact the agency in charge of building construction in the city you wish to locate your facility for necessary vetting and approval of your building plan. In some places certain types of buildings are not permitted in certain areas as they do not meet up with the master plan of the town or city. And because you are going to need a large facility which can take as many cars/vehicles at the same time, this permit and approval is necessary.
6. Get Your Administrative and Technical Workers
Obviously a project/business as huge as this will need several hands to make operations go smoothly. You will need both full-time and part-time staffers both in the admin and technical areas. Go ahead and hire them via referrals or use a consultant to do the hiring. Just make sure they are people with relevant experiences.
7. Build a Website for the Business
Having a website for your business is necessary for better reach. It must be one that is functional and interactive. All the services you render in your smog check workshop should be highlighted on the site. Visitors to the site should be able to make enquiries and get quick response. Also have your site linked to your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest and the rest of them.
8. Announce Your Arrival and Presence
You are in and have established this smog checking business for the purpose of serving clients. But if these prospective clients don’t know that you are there or where you are, the whole purpose of establishing the business would have been defeated. Let them know. Use different advertising media – local and national newspapers, relevant automotive journals and magazines, handbills, radio, TV and so on.
9. Open Shop and Start Business
Now that all is set, you need to open the smog check workshop for business. You could make it a demonstration day and even give free service for cars on that day while visitors are treated to some refreshment. Try and get their contacts for follow up and invitation to come and have their cars smog checked later on.
There you have the guidelines to starting a Smog check business.

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