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8 Steps To Become a Grasscutter Farm Business

8 Steps To Become a Grasscutter Farm

Do you want to commence a grasscutter farming business from the beginning? Or you need a sample grasscutter farm business plan template? If YES, then I advise you read on.

Starting a grasscutter farming business in West Africa or in any part of the world is a lucrative business just because of the nutritional value of grasscutters. Generally, grasscutters are not domestic animals; people who eat grasscutters get them from hunters who operate into the woods to hunt them down.

It is because of the intensity of hunting grasscutters, that is why animal farmers chose to domesticate them. They now rear grasscutters at home to have a regular supply of grass – cutters when people perform demands.

In West Africa, people place more significance on grasscutter’s meat than goat meat, beef or pork hence people are ready to pay more. As a matter of reality, the numbers of grasscutter farms that you can find in any community is not adequate to meet the demands of grasscutters in that community that is the reason why an entrepreneur who is involved in making money from animal farming should consider starting his or her own grasscutter farming business.

Grasscutters are easy to breed, you can start the process with 2 males and 6 females. Within 12 months you can grow the numbers of grass – cutters in your farm to over 100 because an ordinary female grasscutter can give birth to 7 or more at the same time, and they can yield delivery twice in a year since their growth period is about 5 months.

A grown male grasscutter weighs about 4.5kg and builds to a length of 60cm and 30cm in height, and a female matured grasscutter weighs about 3.5k and rises to a range of approximately 45cm and 25cm in height. Here are some useful tips that will guide you if you want to start your own grasscutter farming business;
8 Steps to becoming a Grasscutter Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

Step 1. Research on Grasscutters. 

It is needful that you make a lot of inquiry about the business you want to venture into. You may regard reading a whole lot from the internet. Part of the information that you need to find answers to is where to find the right suppliers. There are also books that you can get from the library or the bookshops.

Step 2. Write Your Business Plan.

Entrepreneurs know adequately than to toil with the act of business writing. It is for that purpose that you must do well to write your business plan.

Do guarantee to include long term and short term projections. You must also have in place some marketing strategies, the number of employees you want to hire for a start and in the long run. If you cannot whip this up by yourself, then consider hiring a business plan guru to further you pull things off. However, do bear in a thought that this would be for a fee.

Step 3. Build a Cage or Conventional Housing for the Grasscutters.

This is one port of call that requires careful consideration. In building a cage or proper housing for the grass-cutter, you have got to consider the precise dimensions and shapes that are usually used in this type of trade. To ensure that you do not build the cage in a way that authorises the grasscutters to escape. You may also regard hiring an expert in this regard.

Step 4. Purchase Prolific Stocks

Purchasing the stocks is one of the essential steps that should be taken to. Now that you may have identified where the right supplier is, it is time to do all the acquiring that you could ever do with a supplier who has a long-term experience. This is so that you do not end up with purchasing the wrong things.

Step 5. Feed Them with the correct Feeds

If you do not understand what the right feeds are, then you can weigh going back to dig into the findings of the research you brought out earlier. Feeding your grasscutter with the right and healthful feeds meant for them would go a long way in breeding healthy grasscutters that would be attractive to customers.

Step 6. Know When to Wean and When to Harvest

It is crucial that you know when to wean and harvest your grasscutters. This is so that you do not overshoot the time deadline. Part of what you may have garnered from your research and practice would be this, and as such weaning at the right time is critical.

Step 7. Market Your Grasscutters

This is one step that you must take even before you start out in breeding the grasscutters, it is good that you tell all and sundry who might be interested in the grasscutters way ahead of time. Then you follow up with a notice as the weaning and harvesting time approaches. You may also consider fliers and brochures, as well as advertising in the newspapers.

Step 8. Stay Abreast Of Trends.

It is essential that you continue to keep in touch with some experts and competitors in the field. This is so that you can be up to speed with the modern trends in the industry that would be of great help to your business. You may also consider using the internet to get all these details right.

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