Social Media Optimization

As we said earlier on, content is king, and for your site to rank well, all factors in SEO PART 1- ON PAGE FACTORS must be considered.

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Social Media Optimization is a significant factor to be considered when preparing your website for higher rankings. This is where sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Furl,  Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and some other social bookmarking sites come into place. Also, video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo are significant.

Getting your article to the first page (homepage) on Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit e.t.c., will give you tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of visitors to your website. Also, if your video is well optimized for video sites such as Youtube and your video is being viewed by millions of people (You know what that means? Traffic).

If your article can be submitted to all the favorite social bookmarking sites, then you can be guaranteed high rankings in search engines almost instantly.

A significant factor to consider when doing this is that not all social bookmarks will help you rank, in fact, not all of them will get indexed. If a social bookmarking site appears to be unorganized and you are not familiar with the social bookmarking site, I will advise you to abandon the social bookmarking site.

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Quick tips on how to make your SMO efforts.

1. Integrate Social into your Website.

 Integrated Social sharing tools to your site or you can also add social media sharing buttons to individual blog posts; I like this one because, in most cases, it gives you organic social media sharing.

2. Adjust SEO keywords and Social Media 

If you want to amplify the presentation of your social media profiles, keywords provide a substantial part. Truth be told, in case you're not improving your patterns effectively, you're leaving cash on the table for your rivals. Structure your keywords and target enter phrases into your social profiles in a particular, non-malicious way. 

3. Utilize Keywords in Your Posts 

Keywords are vital for your site, blog material, and promotion campaigns, so it should not shock anyone that keywords matter with your social content, as well. This likewise helps keep your content relevant to your intended target audience.

4. Consistency is Key to SMO 

Making your social profile appears like a straightforward, yet it's one of the principal areas where companies tend to miss the mark. Round out the profile data 100%. Social media tend to support profiles with finish data accessible.

5. Be Social approaching Social Media 

It's called SOCIAL media for an idea,  Social signals are an essential factor in SEO in knowledge of the fact that web indexes take a gander at social flags and factor in how typically you're posting, what a number of individuals communicate with you, and if there are social sharing components accessible to site guests.

Proper and effective submission to just ten of the favorite social bookmarking sites can get your site indexed in less than 24 hours (it got mine indexed in less than 1 hour). It can even make your website rank for less competitive keywords almost instantly(what a significant factor to consider). 

If you can use social bookmarking sites effectively, your search engine ranking position/placement (SERP) will experience a significant spike while social media sites like Youtube will help you experience a substantial increase in traffic: making all other factors in SEO PART 3 additional (make sure you don’t miss it).

NOTE: If your On-Page factor (SEO PART 1) is being done correctly, SEO PART 2 will keep you ahead of your competitors.