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SEO Part 3 - Link Building [Step by step]

Before you start reading, I will advise you to stop all you are doing and pay total attention to what you are reading(if is free but valuable).

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Link building is a critical factor in SEO; in fact, I call it the backbone of SEO. Link building is the second most important factor in SEO (out of over 300) search engines consider, even though the content is king, you can dominate the search engines with just a sentence on your website if your link building is done correctly.


  1. Link building is the second most crucial factor in SEO
  2. Quality matters not Quantity
  3. Link building if not correctly done can get your website penalized: some people say no to this (usually blackhats who are experts in doing this), but I can assure this is the absolute truth with a capital YES.

If you decide not to invest your time(or money) into building links to your website then I can assure you that you are digging your SEO grave because there are so many SEO (search engine optimizers) better than me and you: which means they will always optimize their website(both on-page and off-page), they have the best titles, their meta tags are put in place, there is no indexing problem with their website: so you now see your need for building links(SEO PART 3).

Quality matters, not Quantity: 

Consider this; if your president recommends you or a thousand friends (who are in no position of power) recommends you who, do you think will matter most (I won’t answer that for you).

Getting a link from a PageRank 7 site is better than getting 1000 links from different PageRank 1 sites because a link from a PageRank 7 site will make your site a PageRank 6 site while 1000 links from a PageRank 1 site will make your website a PageRank 4 or 5(hope you see the difference).

NOTE: I am not saying you should only be looking for high PageRank sites because this will cripple your SEO efforts, a PageRank 7 link to your website will give you PageRank 6 but cannot give you the search engine rank 1000 PageRank 1 sites will provide you with: in a short form, lets say your website is on page 10 for a specific keyword, 1 PageRank 7 link will take it to page 5 or 4 while 1000 PageRank 1 links will keep it on page 1 number 1 for a very long time(hope you see the difference). Also, it is to have links to your sites from some particular sites such as .edu .gov and .mil sites because Google and some other search engines consider these sites as an authority.

Blog commenting is also another way to gain relevant backlinks to your site, it is essential not to spam the blogs because all spam posts will eventually be deleted. An excellent way to utilize blog commenting is by entering your website in the website field because this will automatically give your site a backlink which might eventually lead to a PageRank (who knows).

Also, it is vital to know that link building if not correctly done can get a website penalized (not banned as some people say) so it is better not to rush your link building. 

The following is a good practice to consider:

  1. As a starter don’t post more than 50 links to your website a day.
  2. Make sure your link building is consistent, i.e. if you will build 50 links a day, make sure it is consistent (50 links every day)
  3. Use your anchor text effectively i.e., don’t use the same anchor text always, use different anchor texts in order to make your link building natural.
  4. Deep linking is critical i.e., don’t link to your homepage only but also link to other relevant pages on your website.

With all the above appropriately done I congratulate you for your better rankings.

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