Practising a martial art is a great way to combine some fitness goals and approaches into one very productive activity. Most martial arts have a combination of components including physical, spiritual, mental, and social. And like most fitness activities, martial arts come in a variety of flavours that are guaranteed to suit virtually every taste.

Some martial arts emphasise significant physical activity like Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and the like. Others are more spiritual in nature like Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Shiatsu, and others. Some provide a good mix of these concepts to form a very satisfying result. Arts like Aikido fall into this category.

Practising a martial art for most people is a great way to expect some focus to be placed on some areas that usually would have to be incorporated into your fitness routine manually. For example, most traditional martial arts combine aerobics, with strength and coordination, stretching, meditation, and endurance, which makes for a nice mix of fitness activity. Martial arts also provides the added benefit of learning to defend one's self for additional peace of mind.

Martial arts also helps to develop an of discipline and respect that can sometimes be lacking in other fitness and recreational activities. As a result, it is an excellent activity for children to benefit from all of the above attributes and learn self-restraint, respect for authority figures, and much more.

I cannot think of more excellent fitness activity than adopting a martial art as part of your fitness plan.